Premier Club

June 2019 - September 2019


Premier Club is a challenge specifically run for YOU, The Happy Collective and The Empower Tribe (it’s not an official doTERRA program)

You’ll learn how to structure your business for the rank of Premier (or Silver if you’re currently Premier rank) between June - September (and then maintain your rank)

You’ll learn how to earn the $200 US$ Empowerment Bonus from doTERRA (for Premier and Silver leaders)

You’ll learn how to build your first level PO3 and earn an extra $66 Aus $ per month

You’ll learn how to actively build your doTERRA business by focusing on the fundamentals of Inviting, Teaching, Enrolling and Supporting.

But most importantly, you’ll do all of these things. This is a interactive 4 month program and your experience and results will depend on your willingness to get uncomfortable, taken ownership of your goals, and DO.


During Premier Club (June - September), you’ll track your own enrollments + points.

Enrollments of 100pv - 235pv = 2 points

Enrollments of 235+ = 3 points

LRP (WA/WC sets up LRP template of 50pv or higher for July) = 3

Maximum potential points for each new enrollment = 6


1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Prizes from doTERRA: Win a place on the doTERRA Incentive Trip by simply enrolling your heart out between June and October). Incentive trip location and qualification details to come in July.

(prizes are great….but you know what’s even better? Learning + implementing the skills to grow your doTERRA business. Which is what Premier Club is all about).


Week 1 : Prepare and invite:, P+I two months in advance (goals + action)

Week 2: The Presentation

Week 3: Enrolling for your first level PO3 bonus

Week 4: Support (membership overviews that connect)


Week 1: Prepare and Invite (The experience of YOU + P+I two months in advance)

Week 2: Connecting with influencers

Week 3: Your next wave of enrollments

Week 4: Support: turning customers into sharers


Topics: Mindset, Making the first circle work,


Go time! Rank up + help your team to rank up.


The goal of this program isn’t just to hit Premier (or your goal rank) once. Make sure your goals and actions move you towards hitting your rank solidly every month before you consider ranking up to the next level.


This challenge is open to anyone in The Happy Collective and The Empower Tribe but prizes will be only for those beginning the program at the ranks Consultant - Premier.

  • Have 125pv LRP template set up (I recommend shipping your LRP by the 5th of each month).

  • Have completed the Online Launch Camp month (or equivalent Empowered Success basics training)

  • Have correctly completed the online application below

  • Have personally enrolled at least 10 customers within the last 12 months

  • Committing to your vision + the growth of your business by actively teaching about doTERRA essential oils + the business opportunity.

  • Honouring the mentoring from our team leaders by watching each weekly LIVE video + completing all homework.

We begin on Sunday June 2nd.