Welcome to The Happy Collective with Alice Abba (that’s me!)

Here, my team and I aim to empower you to feel better in your body + mind with low-tox living, aromatic medicine and the emotional medicine that comes with being apart of a feel-good community.

So what do we do?

We educate you on the most trusted and tested natural products on the market today.


Why that matters: what you use on your skin, in your laundry, on your benchtops and in your medicine cabinet, for your body and your emotions MATTERS.

Any old brand (even ones that advertise as “pure”) won’t give you the transparency and quality testing that the company we partner with (doTERRA) provides. Which means you can trust what you’re using on your own body, and on your loved ones as you support your body in a way that’s incredibly safe, affordable and effective.  


We teach you to feel better in your body + life.

Why that matters: Your body (including your brain) is the most powerful unique tool on the planet. There is no amount of money that could ever buy it or reproduce it. We want you to take the best care of it possible so you can feel better and live FULLY.

For about 10% of our customers who are head over heels about these oils, we can also teach you how to grow your own wellness business (like us).

Why that matters: Look, growing your own business isn’t for EVERYONE. But for some of you, the ability to teach, inspire and nurture others to better health is the best kind of job. We think so too (and we get paid to do what we love, often while working in lululemon stretchy pants and while our babies are napping - bonus!). Learn more about our Happy Biz Collective here.